Welcome to your healing journey!

Preparing For Your Session

All in-person healings are performed on a massage table for your comfort. For distance work, you may sit or lie comfortably anywhere you choose. Please don’t be afraid to ask any questions or address any spiritual, emotional, or physical concerns you have prior to beginning our session.

New Class!
Modern Shamanism

Modern Shamanism with Amy Dolley is a series of 10 courses. We will meet via live video weekly to learn, discuss, and grow together. This is an active class – participation and homework will be required! Topics will include: The History of Shamanism, Shamanic Tools, Protection, Shamanic Journeys, Ancestral Healing, Core Wounds, Spirit Animals, Techniques, and much more. We will be practicing what we learn and doing Shamanic Journeys together, so be prepared!

Students will be screened before entering this class as it is a higher-level course. Previous energy healing work is preferred, along with knowledge of the chakras and the Clairs (claircognizance, etc.).

***Check out the Hearts Afire Healing Facebook and Instagram pages to see when the next round of this class will be offered!***

Intuitive Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

During this appointment, I will use various Shamanic Energy Healing techniques to help balance your chakras and remove heavy energy. Possibilities include: Energy Extractions, Etheric Surgery, Negative Energy Drains, Past Life Information, Sound Healing (drum, rattle, or singing bowls), and Soul Retrieval. A 60-minute healing is a more thorough appointment, which normally includes intuitive information shared by my Spirit Guides. Appointment may also include the use of crystals, essential oils, and various herbs.

House Clearing & Blessing

During this appointment, I will partner with another Psychic Medium for optimal results. We will both come to your home, or place of business,  and perform a clearing and/or blessing to restore light and positive energy. This ceremony can include the use of sage, other herbs, essential oils, crystals, and psychic/medium readings to connect with the energies/entities in the location. Fee includes payment for both Mediums, supplies used, and travel to and from location. 

Oracle and Medium Readings

Medium and Oracle Readings

During this appointment, I can do an Oracle Card Reading for you to focus on any of the many aspects of life: relationships, work, family, home, etc.  I can also work to connect you with a person who has passed away. If you have an item from that person or a picture, please bring it along to help with the connection (this is not mandatory).

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching for Adults

Are you feeling lost? Are you feeling confused about life in general, or some specific issues?  Or do you feel like you have spiritual gifts, but don’t know what to do with them? This appointment allows you one-on-one time with Amy for coaching. Topics could include: Life’s Path or Purpose, How to Understand Your Gifts, Stress Management, and much more.

Spiritual Coaching for Intuitive Teens and Children

Does your child or teen possess special abilities? Through Psychic Abilities Coaching, I can assist and guide your child in developing and managing their intuitive and  spiritual gifts. Topics include: Tools of Protection, Affirmations, Spirit Guides, and Types of Spiritual Gifts.

How    to Book Your Session

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