Channeling from Off Worlders: February 18th

Channeling from Off Worlders: February 18th

You will notice in these messages that our Off-World friends are trying to help us understand them and trust them. They are doing the work to build a relationship, so that we can all move forward together.

Channeling from Off-Worlders – February 18, 2021

Greetings fellow beings of light. We come in peace and love.

There are so many things we want to tell you. There are so many steps that must be taken before we get there. Please know you cannot jump from level 1 to 100 in a single moment. We need you to do the work before you are ready to receive these messages for yourself.

The time has come to make a change. It is no longer wise to sit and be melancholy about the state of the world. It is time for you to change it yourself. That is why you are here, my beloved ones. To bring the light back to Earth. For it has been gone for too long.

We know the task seems larger than one person. It is. For this is not something you will do alone, but in conjunction with your fellow beings of light. We are here to support you, guide you, and nurture you as you bring forth the word. You will not go unsupported. We will guide you.



Channeling from Off-Worlders: February 17th

Channeling from Off-Worlders: February 17th

This channeling from our off-world friends focused on helping us get past our fear of them.

Off-Worlders are mostly very kind and gentle. They want to help those of us here on Earth who are ready to hear their messages.

Channeling from Off-Worlders – February 17, 2021

Your message is our message. It is one of unity and love. It is time to put aside petty differences and come together as a people. We want to bring you the news of the world; the news of the universe.

There are great happenings taking place, just outside of your world-view. There are great changes being put into action in the universe that will bring great joy and peace to your world as you know it.

These are not times to worry. There is no reason to be distressed. Trust and allow. Trust us. We are here to help you, as your family from another galaxy.

Do not be ashamed if you find fear in your heart. Your human bodies and minds can only understand and perceive so much. It is only “human,” as you would say on earth. But, my beloved ones, there are big changes coming for you. You are here to be a leader of others. You are here to set an example of what is right, and just, and holy. Your job is a grave one, and should not be taken lightly.

Be well, my friends, for we have great plans for you. We will contact again once more information is ready. Once you are ready.

We are here to help. Stop being afraid of us. Of it. Of your power. It is time.

Channeling from Off-Worlders: February 17th

Channeling from Off-Worlders: February 7th

Before you read this channeling, I thought you should know who is talking to me. He is the leader of the Intergalactic Council and he is a Pleiadian. His name is something that we cannot pronounce with our words and sounds here on earth, but I affectionately refer to him as “Blue Guy.” He laughs when I call him this, and accepts it as his “human name.” He is a kind and wise guide and one of my main guides who helps me these days. You will hear a lot from him in this blog.

Channeling from Off-Worlders – February 7, 2021

You are loved. You are love itself. Don’t be afraid of what we bring. Don’t be afraid of what’s inside you. It’s all waiting to come out and blossom into a beautiful new being.

We can feel your hesitation and fear. The fear is trapping you inside yourself. It’s time to break out of the cocoon. It’s time to be the true you that you’ve always wanted to be. It is safe. It is time.

Your earth mother did not know how to foster this in you. She was overwhelmed by your gifts and light. Her fear was in control, so she tried to suppress you. It is time to let go of that. She did not know how to help you. We are here to do that.

You were put in this family to bring them the light. None of them know much about what you are and who you are. It is up to you to just be yourself and let them understand, or not understand… it matters not. What matters is that you do what you are here to do.

So go forth now. Bring the light to others. You have a great light inside of you… and many can see it. They are drawn to it. Let it pull them in and guide them on their journeys. For they are lost, as you once were



Allow me to introduce myself. I am Amy Dolley. I am a Cosmic Shaman, Psychic Medium, Eclectic Witch, and Spiritual Coach and Teacher. I am many things, but I am always ME, first and foremost. Welcome to my new blog! I have wanted to do this for a long time now, and I am finally making that first step to begin sharing about my journey of healing and spiritual growth.

This blog will be a place of peace, a place of healing, and a place of self-awareness. I plan to share about my journey as I embraced the spiritual gifts I have had my whole life. I also plan to use this blog to share about my experiences with our off-world friends (aka: extra-terrestrials or aliens). They often share tremendous insights with me that I know need to be seen and felt by others.

I will begin this blog with my channeling transcripts from our off-world friends.