Hello from the Galactic Council. Love is the currency of the universe. We have shared this message with you before, and feel an urgency to share it again. As your people of Earth near the end of The Void trial, you will need to call upon the Law of Love more and more often. You will continue to be tested, by those within your own families and without. This last surge is to confirm that only the strongest and most willing to fight remain.

The time is now, my earthly friends. If you are wondering about the world outside Earth, now is the time to explore and learn. There is yearning inside you for a simpler and more peaceful world. That world is possible, but not in Earth’s current incarnation.

Do you have the strength and will to withstand the final rush of The Void?

Are you strong enough physically, mentally, and spiritually to help bring the Earth into a new way of life?

These are the questions that will be brought to your attention again and again as your Earth ends its calendar year. Use this time to reflect, journal, and see out support from those who are leading the way into your new world order.

Love is the currency of the universe.

Any problems, issues, threats… can be solved by the Law of Love.

Use it wisely.

Channeled by Amy Dolley