This message from Blue Guy and the Intergalactic Council focuses on joy and your life’s purpose. Are you living the life you were meant to live here on Earth?

Channeling from Off-Worlders – March 30, 2021

Greetings fellow life forms of love… we come in peace, but with a mission: to educate Earthlings about the rest of the universe.

Our mission is simple, really. We know you are curious about us. And we are curious about you. We watch your doings and your “life” and it is fascinating to us. You choose to focus on feelings and doing things that we do not. You spend a lot of time on leisure activities: watching tv, listening to music, reading books, playing games. Our world is not like this. We do not have “leisure” as you have it there on Earth.

Our life’s purpose is what we live for. We are each created with a purpose, and we spend all of our time working to fulfill that purpose. It fills our days and nights, for it is our sole purpose for being.  That being said, we are not “workaholics” like you Earthlings might understand it. Our life purpose does not feel like “work” in the way that you see work. It is simply what we are created to do, and so we get busy doing it.

Take note of what fills your days. Do you end your days happy with what you have created? Are you fulfilling your life’s purpose in your actions day to day? We understand that it is different for Earth beings, and we are trying to understand those differences between us. That is why we are working with people like the person translating this message… we are using them to educate ourselves in the differences. We want to understand you as much as you want to understand us.

We know this is the beginning of a long friendship that will grow and evolve with time. We must build trust between us as we continue to learn about each other. We thank you for your time.