Our Off-World friends continue to help us understand the differences between their life and ours. The focus of their lives is love and peace. I so long to join them in that, and leave behind the worries of Earthly life.

Channeling from Off-Worlders – March 22, 2021

Hello Earth-bound friends. Our mission here is simple: to educate and elevate your consciousness. We have tried many avenues to speak with you, but have not achieved the progress we had hoped for. Are you listening yet? This matter is of great importance and must be attended to quickly.

We may seem as though we are pressuring you, but there is much work to be done. Too many people are sleeping through their lives. They do not understand the enormity of this world, and universe, and all that is available to you. Do you want them to continue to sleep? Or do you want them to understand that which you are just beginning to understand yourself?

We come in peace. We cannot say this enough. There is no maleficence to our motives. We simply want to help you understand your place and how to assist the others to elevate.

We speak of love always. You speak of love when it is convenient, when it serves your purpose. But love is simply natural for us. It is our way of being. It is behind every word, thought, movement, and intention. Let love guide you as well. Speak with love. Listen with love. Act with love.

Your earthly worries are silly. We do not mean to disrespect that which upsets you, but there is so much more to the universe than what you experience on a daily basis. You worry about food, shelter, money, family, and love… we worry about nothing. We worry about literally nothing. The word “worry” does not even exist in our language. It is a concept that is unusual and strange to us. We do not worry. We simply know that we will be provided for. We are what we are. And it is what it is. We cannot change it or move it in some way. It simply exists and we continue to live our lives. Just as you must. So much wasted energy on worrying.

What can we do to help you? We can teach you of all there is in the universe. We can teach you how to love; to really love. We can help you connect with a higher consciousness that will make you finally see what a waste of time your earthly worries can be.

All you have to do is let us in. We are waiting.