This channeling from our off-world friends focused on helping us get past our fear of them.

Off-Worlders are mostly very kind and gentle. They want to help those of us here on Earth who are ready to hear their messages.

Channeling from Off-Worlders – February 17, 2021

Your message is our message. It is one of unity and love. It is time to put aside petty differences and come together as a people. We want to bring you the news of the world; the news of the universe.

There are great happenings taking place, just outside of your world-view. There are great changes being put into action in the universe that will bring great joy and peace to your world as you know it.

These are not times to worry. There is no reason to be distressed. Trust and allow. Trust us. We are here to help you, as your family from another galaxy.

Do not be ashamed if you find fear in your heart. Your human bodies and minds can only understand and perceive so much. It is only “human,” as you would say on earth. But, my beloved ones, there are big changes coming for you. You are here to be a leader of others. You are here to set an example of what is right, and just, and holy. Your job is a grave one, and should not be taken lightly.

Be well, my friends, for we have great plans for you. We will contact again once more information is ready. Once you are ready.

We are here to help. Stop being afraid of us. Of it. Of your power. It is time.